Anggun, International Singer who Have Big Heart

Who is not familiar with Anggun C. Sasmi or familiarly called Anggun, she is an Indonesian singer which now has French citizenship. Her parents are a Java-blooded artist, Darto Singo and Dien Herdina, a woman whose still have relatives in Yogyakarta Palace. She has started her career since the age of seven years (in 1986) and is still active entertaining in the music world today.

Not only successful as a singer in the international arena, Anggun C. Sasmi often highlighted by foreign media because of her high social attitude for others. This is why Anggun is elected to received the prestigious Keys of the City Award in Florence, Italy, in 2016 ago. Not only that, this woman who born in Jakarta, 29 April 1974 have also been interviewed by La Repubblica, a magazine of the most influential and well-known in Italy. Anggun asks to do an interview along with other prominent figures, such as the legendary fashion designer Giorgio Armani and American actress, Sigourney Weaver.

Biography of Dira Sugandi

Dira Sugandi was born in Bandung, Indonesia, July 29, 1979 and is now 37 years old is a jazz singer nationality Indonesia. Born with the name Dira Julianti Sugandi, her musical talent has been acquired since childhood. At the age of 9 years, Dira won second place in the children singing competition. Dira own experience of performing with many musicians and music groups like Soulmate, Maestro Big Band, Rika Ruslan, Sova, Imam Praz Quartet, even with Incognito when they come to Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Bali, Singapore and Jakarta. Dira has also been gigging with Keith Martin when he came to Bandung in 2005.

On November 13, 2011, Dira remove her bachelor status and married a man named Elfa Zulham Warongan and has a daughter named Savanna Azura Warongan. As mothers in general, this jazz singer wants her baby to have good character. Dira applied simple way to instill the values and sensitivity towards others in her child. Dira brought her daughter, in a variety of social action.

Agnez Mo and Her Story

Agnes Monica Muljoto or more familiarly called Agnes Monica Indonesian nationality is an artist, she is also a solo singer who carries the kind of pop music, R & B, and hip-hop. Born in Jakarta, July 1, 1986, daughter from Ricky Suprapto and Jenny Siswono, Agnes has one older brother named Steve Muljoto. Since Agnes became the artist with the flurry that was so dense, his brother continues to assist her with being her manager.

Earlier in her career, Agnes is known as a little artist. As a singer, she has three albums, namely "Si Meong" (1992), "Yess!" (1995) and "Bala Bala" (1996). The second album "Yess!" won the award for "Best Children's Album" in 1999. In addition to singing, she also became a presenter on several children television shows. When a teenager, Agnez began to plunge into the world of acting. Her appearance on "Pernikahan Dini" (2001) managed to toss her name. Agnez then starred in a series of movie and drama that make her the highest-paid teenage artist at that time.

In 2003, Agnez published "And the Story Goes", her first adult album which returned catapulted her career in the Indonesian music industry. In addition to financial success, Agnez is a singer with the most awards in Indonesia. Moreover, she has been appointed as the anti-drug ambassador in Asia and fighting human trafficking ambassador in MTV EXIT.